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Friday Programs

A Day of Creative with Angela & Lori

Dye Work For Clients

Angela Kumpe & Lori Craig

This two-part class is all about dye work in the salon; time management, containing the mess, pricing, and procedure. Have you wanted to add color as a service in your salon, or tried coloring and thought it was too messy, too time consuming, or thought that customers just wouldn’t pay extra for it? Lori and Angela will show you how to add coloring to your services without making a mess or spending all day on a simple dye job.

Hour 1) Preparation and Pricing

Lori and Angela will tell you what you need to get started and where to get it. They will also tell you how to market color to clients, price your coloring services, and manage time for color jobs. They will explore a large variety of coloring products and show you many useful tips for everyday coloring.

Hour 2) Demonstrating Dye Work

Lori and Angela will prove their theories and techniques to you by demonstrating multiple dye jobs on multiple dogs in the classroom including application and rinsing techniques.

20/20 Add-On’s For The Salon Or Mobile

Angela Kumpe & Lori Craig

While this is not an interview with Barbara Walters, it is an in-depth investigation of add-on accessories and color application for busy salons and mobile groomers. Contrary to popular beliefs, accessories and color application can be fast and easy to apply, allowing you to earn money with little time and effort. Angela and Lori will first go over at least 20 different products and tell you everything you need to know to start offering these services in your salon; where to find them, how to use them, how to market them, and how to price them for you clients. Once they cover all the products they will prove how fast you can apply these products in a race against the clock. The girls will each have 20 minutes to apply 20 add-on accessories and/or color applications. Of course, it will be a competition to see who can get done first. Guaranteed to be an entertaining show that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Clipper Art (With And Without Color)

Angela Kumpe & Lori Craig

Angela and Lori will show you how to carve beautiful detailed patterns into the coat. This is an awesome way to try creative styling without the commitment of color. This is also a great way to add creative flair to dark coats without the hassle of trying to add color. Although these designs can be left without color then they will go a step further and add color to the designs.

Drop Coat Series

Bread & Butter Grooming: Fast & Easy Pet Trim on Drop Coats

Kathy Rose

Kathy will demonstrate a fluffy pet trim on an ever-popular drop coat breed. She will show you how to create quick, fluffy styles with snap-on combs. She will be blending with Fish Tails and demonstrating various scissoring and blending techniques. This seminar is a must to keep your customers happy and coming back!

Grooming The Drop Coat With Style

Michell Evans

Do you find yourself giving all your drop coats the same head and body style? In this demonstration Michell will show you how to give a drop coat style quickly so that you save time and make money. She will talk about different styles and how to achieve them in a reasonable time frame. Want to make the girls look more feminine and the males more masculine? You will learn what to leave and what to trim to achieve pretty and sassy or handsome and cute!

Super Styling Drop Coat Breeds Heads

Jay Scruggs

First impressions are everything in the art of grooming. The first thing your client should see when the dog is groomed is a great expression. In this seminar, Jay will take you through the grooming steps of different head styles. You will learn breed specific techniques as well as different head style options. This seminar is for those groomers who want to fine tune their techniques to wow their clients immediately upon seeing their dog. Not all drop coats should have the same head!

Sue On Drop Coats

Sue Watson

Here we go again, another little drop coated dog has scheduled an appointment. Before it even comes into the shop you're stressing about it, you're worried it won't look good enough. Are the clients going to like it? Ugh, I can never get the finish right! Stress no more, Sue can show you how to get a better finish and maybe even enjoy doing this type of coat!

The Philosophy of Spa

Michelle Knowles

Do you want to change your regular salon into a spa environment? Learn how to incorporate therapeutics and take your salon to a higher level! Some topics that will be covered in this four hour program are salon appearance, elite services, therapeutics, ingredients, and calculating fees.

Hour 1) What is spa?

In the first hour, Michelle will cover the basics of the spa revolution, which includes aromatherapy, essential oils, massage, chromatherapy and topical therapeutics.

Hour 2) Nuts and Bolts

In the second hour, Michelle will discuss the “nuts and bolts” of the Spa business. Some topics covered will be salon appearance; look like money to make money, customer service; learn to identify and care for the spa client, calculating costs; learn to price your new services, spa menus and marketing techniques; let your clients know what you offer.

Hour 3) Ingredients

This session will cover the importance of ingredients and sourcing your materials. You’ll learn how to read labels at a glance, and what is harmful and what is helpful in the products that you use.

Techniques and Therapies

The last hour will be focused on putting the techniques and therapies into practice. Learn how to organize your treatments, time management of therapies, product choices and how to put them together to give good spa services.

Dog Grooming Simplified

Jodi Murphy

Jodi will take the attendees through the simplicity of pattern placement, as her new award winning book “Dog Grooming Simplified” depicts. Using the bone structure of each breed as a guide is the foundation to proper pattern placement. While grooming any breed, whether Poodles, Terriers, Sporting breeds, or mixed breeds, using the various structure points of the dog is the key to understanding where the patterns should fall. This four-hour program will explore four different breeds with four different coat types showing the similarities of pattern placement. This program will create that “light bulb” moment and will eliminate the struggle.

Friday Evening

How To Bark Without Biting (The Owners!)

Maria Arsenian-Mazza

This class is to help address possibly one of the most important aspects of grooming, how to deal with the owners. Multiple times a day we run into different types of people and different situations that could impact our reputation, if not handled properly. This class will address all types of salons; from corporate to mobile to mom and pop salons, taught by a groomer of 17 years who has worked in all types of salons. This class no doubt will be educational and entertaining!

Handstripping With Mr. Terrier

Scott Wasserman

If you mention Terriers in the AKC circuit, Scott Wasserman is a name that comes to mind. Join him as he discusses tools and the proper hand stripping techniques that can be used in practical applications in your salon. From harsh coated terriers to sporting dogs, and even those mixed breeds, Scott will share his knowledge on successful hand stripping, ending with a live dog demo.

Understanding The Foundations Of Skin

Dr. Cliff Faver

The most important part of grooming is starting with healthy skin and hair. By understanding the science of what you do on a daily basis can make a difference for the health of the pet, happiness of the client, and the satisfaction of you in your profession. Knowledge is power!