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Sunday Programs

Quick And Trendy Poodle Pet Trim

Jonathan David

A great haircut is your best advertisement, but who has time to be a perfectionist? You do! A stylish Poodle pet trim isn't as time consuming as you think with the help of snap on combs, quality shears, and some time saving tips! Poodles are one of America’s most popular breeds and every groomer sees plenty of them, but often owners think a great Poodle trim is too much maintenance. Jonathan will show you how to give a great haircut that's a walking billboard of your work without too much time on your part and too much maintenance for your customers.

7 Secrets For Dealing With Difficult Clients

Linda Easton & Jim Warner

Are you grooming the dogs you enjoy for clients who appreciate what you do? Or are you stuck dealing with grouchy dogs and difficult clients? Let us help you change the conversation with your clients. This seminar will include sample “scripts”, tips, and secrets to use with your clients and how to create great customers on their first visit in the salon, setting you up for years of a successful client relationship. Make customer service your first concern and set yourself apart from the competition.

Nutrition: How Does That Effect My Job?

Dr. Cliff Faver

How much does nutrition play in the health of the skin? You might be surprised! Come and learn more about the diets we feed and what you may want to consider in choosing and recommending a diet. How much can we trust labels and what do we need to know about the dog food industry?

Oodles Of Doodles

Chris Pawlsoky

Doodles are all the rage, but how do you make them look their best and create a manageable outline? Chris will demonstrate how to make these difficult mixed breeds look their best with easy trims.

The Savvy Employer

Michell Evans

Michell will discuss the ins and outs of motivating, supervising and managing employees. All you wanted to be was a grooming salon owner…now you find yourself in a supervisor role. This class will discuss ways to help you cope with employees. They work hard for us, let’s work hard for them! This class is good for owners and managers.

You Had Me At Meow! – Cat Communications

Mary Oquendo

Cats can communicate with us without making a sound. Their tails,
ears, and eyes tell an entire story. It is up to the professional groomer
to understand the meaning! Once you understand feline body language, you will wish you had groomed them years ago.

Making Money On The Big Dogs: Golden Retriever

Jay Scruggs

Learn how to make money on large breeds! To him, a Golden, or other large breed, isn't just a “bath dog” … it's a full groom. Jay will teach you how to make large breed feet look more natural, and will show you new carding and deshedding techniques that will benefit the coat and texture while helping to eliminate shedding. He will discuss different products to use on big hairy dogs that will cause the coat to dry faster and lay flatter after the bath. Cutting your drying time on large breeds and proper prep work will also be discussed.

Scottish Terrier

Scott Wasserman

In this seminar, Scott will discuss proper coat preparation, including bathing and drying techniques as well as step by step trimming instructions to achieve proper balance on the Scottish Terrier. Join him as he goes over how to achieve symmetry and correct breed profile on all your Scotties.

Grooming The Schnauzer

Sue Watson

In this seminar, Sue will demonstrate setting proper lines on the Schnauzer, as well as easy ways to set in the Schnauzer eyebrows. Even though we are doing pet trims, come learn how to achieve that show dog look!

Springer In A Pet Trim, Tammy's Way

Tammy Siert

Tammy will demonstrate how to groom a pet Springer Spaniel for the everyday client using clipper, blade and thinning shear techniques, leaving the coat with a natural finished look. She'll discuss how to properly prepare the coat, giving bathing and drying techniques to help achieve a great finished product that you’re proud to have walk out of your salon. All of these helpful hints will be explained so they can be applied when you go back to your shop.

Marketing & Branding: Creative An Image

Brett Wilson

Marketing is one of the most controversial subjects to date. What to spend money on for marketing. How to start a business with what branding. Is Facebook as great as they say? Should I use Google Ad Words? Marketing & Branding are critical to any business. You could be in a foreign country and see just the McDonalds golden arches and not be able to read anything but know you can get those delicious French fries! The question is how and what to do. Word of mouth is king but you still have to create an image and brand within your community for that to work effectively. Join us and learn some great ideas.