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Saturday Programs

A Groomer’s Guide to Purebred Dogs

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

This fast-paced overview of the world of purebred dogs will provide context and back story to the breeds we see every day in our grooming shops. Topics include: AKC Breed Standards - how they are written and how to interpret them; the breed “Groups”; the major Coat Types, how they fit Group and Breed function, and differ in grooming needs; the long history of the human-dog co-evolution; health issues associated with breeds; and an overview of canine genetics. We will also visit the recent trend in “Designer” crossbreeds, how to understand Dog Shows, and how grooming table behavior can be understood by learning about the breed.

Relating Breed Standards to Pet Grooming

Jonathan David

In this session Jonathan will discuss and demonstrate ways to bring elements of breed profile grooming into your pet grooming. Jonathan will make suggestions on how to make the hair manageable for the owner, yet remain true to the integrity of the breed standard. He will show how to apply elements of pure breed trims to mixed breeds to create unique looks that satisfy every customer.

No Fluff, No Problem: Creative on Short Haired Dogs

Milena Kon

Join Barkleigh’s 2018 Creative Groomer of the Year, Milena Kon, in this interactive class to learn how to create a design on a short hair dog. In this class, Milena will teach and demonstrate, step by step, on how to come up with a design, transfer it to the dog and finish with pet safe dyes. Learn the difference between the dyes and tools available that can make your life easier, and make your salon the talk of the town. Bring in your creative clienteles by offering this quick and easy service, and see your overall revenue increase. Who says you need a fluffy dog for creative grooming!?! It won’t be you!

Say This, Not That

Khris Berry

Ever wonder what you could have or should have said in common pet grooming situations? This is a comical (and occasionally serious) approach to real life salon situations. Grab a notebook and leave equipped with responses to comments such as "I don't want my dog to look like...", "He's a rescue", "I don't like this haircut", "But they are cheaper down the street", "I need a discount because I have 4 dogs", and so many more. This fast paced and action-packed hour promises to entertain and enlighten you!

Grooming for Structure

Kathryn Dixon

Ask any beautician and they’ll tell you every hair style doesn’t fit every face. The same is true in grooming- dogs come in 100 different shapes and sizes. In this demo we’ll learn how to evaluate the individual dog and groom to its strengths while honoring the pet parent’s requests.

Strip and Clip? Why Not?!

Jessica Moore

I know, I know, you don't handstrip. It's not for everyone and that's fine but have you ever considered a strip and clip? I love wire coated breeds, I love everything about them. I also love keeping the integrity of their coat and it's easier than you might think. I will demonstrate the benefits of mixing both techniques in a timely manner and still maintain most of the texture and color. I will also explain how I price my strip and clips differently from a handstrip only dogs.

Body Language of Cats

Mary Oquendo

Learn to speak cat. Cats have a complex system of communication that is easier to understand once you have all the parts to the puzzle. Join Mary in this seminar to learn how to put the puzzle of cat communication together.

A Groomers Guide to Working and Herding Group Dogs

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

How did Working and Herding Group dogs contribute to the development of modern human economic systems? What grooming techniques are right for these large, intelligent dogs with the natural, often heavy coats? Their grooms and coat types are diverse, far beyond their "Bath/Brush" only stereotype. This session will reveal the origin of all 7 groups of dog breeds, with special focus on the Working and Herding group dogs, and will help any groomer, from beginner to master, categorize coat types and learn the best strategies to groom each type. Learn what grooming tools and techniques are best suited for each coat type. This workshop will describe, breed by breed, the specific grooming needs of all the breeds and coat types in these two groups, while addressing the controversy and explaining the correct care of the most common and natural of all dog coat types; the double coat.

Dog Bites and on the Job Injuries

Judi Cantu-Thacker

Dog bites and other injuries are common occurrences when dealing with difficult dogs. Join Judy in this one-hour seminar where she will cover everything from how to avoid injury using handling techniques and reading body language to liability and Workman’s Comp, if an injury does occur.
Cat and dog bites can be more serious than we really think. Even the smallest bite can disable you for days or weeks. How do you take care of it? How do you protect yourself, your employees, and your clients? What policies and procedures should you have in place? This is a must-see seminar for owners and employees alike.

Occupational Hazards

Cheryl Purcell

Is getting bit part of the job? It shouldn’t be. As pet groomers, we do what we do because we love animals. But this love of pets also puts us in harm’s way on a daily basis. We need to learn the hazards of our profession and how to minimize the effects of the job on ourselves. Cheryl will go over some of the most common hazards, how to identify them, and most importantly, how to minimize or prevent them.

Set It and Forget It!

Corina Stammworthy

Do you struggle every month trying to come up with ideas to get people in the door? Learn how to plan your marketing for the entire year in just one day! This class will teach you how to set up a marketing strategy that practically runs itself so you can get back to work! There will be a heavy emphasis on social media, and bringing a calendar and a notebook is strongly encouraged.

Everyday Dogs

Judi Cantu-Thacker

We all groom “everyday dogs”; not quite show quality, but need grooming nonetheless. This can include shorter styles, easy to maintain and keeping the integrity of the breed in some cases, but mostly making the customer happy and the dog comfortable. Judi will discuss and demonstrate how to determine the best pet trims for your clients while maintaining a breed profile with a little flare.

Sporting Breeds with The Grooming Tutor

Michell Evans

There are multiple techniques applied to Sporting breeds. In this demo, Michell Evans, The Grooming Tutor, will explain how to properly work the short double coat on the jacket and how to achieve natural looking furnishings. She will discuss bathing and drying the coat as well as demonstrate how to rake, card, thin and trim the coat. The techniques learned in this class can be applied to many breeds in the Sporting group as well as many breeds in other groups. Join Michell to learn the difference between shaving the back coat and working the back coat!

Back to Basics

Cheryl Purcell

You don't have to be the best groomer around but you do need to be the most detailed. Learn how to stand out among all the other salons in your area. Cheryl will show you little details that are often missed by groomers, and clients may not recognize what it is but just that you’re the best.

Five Steps to Perfect Puppies

Brenda Robinson

Does a puppy on your books make you cringe? Do you dread the thought of training a puppy to accept grooming? Come learn five simple steps to quickly and easily train puppies for a lifetime of grooming, in the short time you have them on your table. You will love grooming puppies after this!