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Saturday Programs

When Your Client Wants You To Be A Vet

Dr. Cliff Faver

Why do my clients ask me vet questions? If I answer them, could I get in trouble? How do I answer the questions so I don’t upset the vet? These are all questions we ask ourselves from time to time. Come and learn what you can and can’t say legally and when to refer cases versus handle them yourself. We will also talk about when the vet blames you for causing issues. Did I really cause it or is he looking for a scapegoat? We will also discuss strategies on getting veterinarians to work with groomers.

Do You Have A Business Plan?

Mary Oquendo

A written business plan is more than a means to raise funds for your venture. It is your business’s blueprint. Everything you need to know, right at your fingertips. A business plan is an invaluable tool to propel your business ever onwards and upward. Learn how to put together a business plan for your own business, whether you are established or just starting out.

Salon Trims For The Everyday Groomer

Cheryl Purcell

Somewhere between a show trim and a shave down is what we do every day. We all want to be creative and do those big beautiful trims on clients’ pets, but it’s not always practical. Cheryl will review how to determine what is an appropriate trim for each pet, what is a good maintenance length for the client and pet, and discuss the infamous Puppy Cut and what it means to clients. There will be before and after photos and live demos.

Bread And Butter Grooming: The Cocker Spaniel

Kathy Rose

Kathy will demonstrate a finished pet trim on an ever-popular Cocker Spaniel. She will show you how to create quick and easy pet styles with snap-on combs and how to get a smooth jacket. She will also demonstrate various scissoring and blending techniques. This seminar is a must to keep your customers happy and coming back!

The Grooming Tutor: Bedlington

Michell Evans

The Bedlington Terrier is a unique and elegantly groomed breed! The style may seem difficult but by following a few simple rules and techniques you can achieve a perfect Bedlington Terrier profile. This is a fun trim not only for a Bedlingtons but for many Poodles and Mixed Breeds as well. We will discuss products and tools that will help you work with such a distinctive coat. This is a great trim to break out your curved shears and try some new products!

25 Things Every Groomer Should Know

Barb Hoover

If you’re new to grooming or have been doing it as long as Barb, you’re sure to learn something new in this class where Barb will share some insider secrets to help you out in various situations that may arise. From equipment maintenance to how to deal with disgruntled customers, this class will help you be prepared for all the expected and unexpected things that can arise in a grooming salon.

Everyday Temporary Color And Accessories

Angela Kumpe

Learn easy, simple and profitable creative grooming and accessories that you can do in your shop. Angela will teach you everything from temporary colors to accessories. You will leave this class with the inspiration and knowledge to get started in creative color and easy accessories that will set you apart from the rest.

Super Styling Heads

Jay Scruggs

First impressions are everything in the art of grooming. The first thing your client should see when the dog is groomed is a great expression. In this informative seminar, Jay will take you through the grooming steps of different head styles. You will learn breed specific techniques as well as different head style options. This seminar is for those groomers who want to fine tune their techniques to wow their clients immediately upon seeing their dog.

Poodle In A German

Jonathan David

Poodles are one of the most easily recognized breeds and a breed we groom most often. But many customers don't like the feminine look of the most well-known American trims. A German trim is a great alternative for those fickle customers or those with a male dog. In this one-hour scissoring seminar, Jonathan will demonstrate how to set the lines of this beautiful trim and he will discuss the differences of this striking trim compared to other popular poodle cuts.

What About Those Employees?

Linda Easton & Dr. Jim Warner

A well-working team can remove stress, increase profits and make running a grooming business fun. Hiring and keeping the right employees is very important in every business, so let’s take the stress out of getting and keeping good employees. It starts with the first interview and the employee manual. Today’s new laws are changing the way we should pay our employees. Paying strategies can make more money for the business owner AND the employee! Tips on keeping the employees you love and letting go those you don’t, and where to look for employees and alternatives to hiring more groomers will also be discussed. This class is also great for employees who are frustrated in their jobs.

Handling Difficult Dogs

Shannon Moore

We have all had those "not so well mannered " dogs in the salon that we have to groom. Shannon will show you some tricks to help both the stylist and the dog get through the groom safely and still be able to obtain a professional finished product.

Mobile Grooming Safety

Mary Oquendo

Mobile groomers face unique safety challenges that our sister groomers do not. Being aware of what mobile groomers face, we can meet those situations head on. Mary will break down this workshop into 3 categories: our vehicles, work areas, and personal safety.

Got The Kerry Blues?

Nicole Kallish

This is a beautiful breed and as they become more popular, one you should add to your repertoire. Watch as Nicole demonstrates how to groom a Kerry to breed standard, learn to understand what the standard says and how to implement it into your trims at home. Nicole will give you the tips to make your Kerry stand out in the crowd and will also be discussing the steps to prepare the Kerry for a grooming competition.

Selecting Product According To Coat Type

Shannon Moore

There are so many products on the market today, it is easy to get overwhelmed! We are all guilty of being a collector of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products at some point of time in our grooming career. Selecting product according to coat type for maintenance and to achieve that show stopping finish will be the focus of this class.

Clippers: The Secret Weapon Of Time Management

Barbara Prueckel

Do you want to improve your speed in your grooming? Working more efficiently is the best way to increase our income and fulfill our goals more quickly. In this informative and fun seminar, Barb will share her knowledge on how to make those little motors of ours work to their fullest potential. From kennel cuts to fancy teddy trims, there are ways to use these tools in a more beneficial manner. Don’t miss the innovative tips and tricks in this seminar - you can’t afford not to!

Marketing 102

Cheryl Purcell

Marketing is often something that we don't think about as groomers. Or worse, we think because we have an ad in the phone book (yes, people still use them) or have a web presence that's all we need. Not true. Cheryl will help you answer these questions and show you how to increase clients. 
What is Successful Marketing? How Much Should You Spend on Advertising? As well as define the 3 Common Mistakes in Marketing and how you can market for FREE!