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Saturday Programs

Ouch! It Hurts: Ergonomics, Grooming & You

Chris Anthony

Not just another buzz word, ergonomics is an applied science focused on our tools and workspaces working with us instead of against us. This seminar will explain ergonomics and demystify it as it relates to grooming; including tools, posture, and stretches designed to keep you healthy and pain free.

Meow, Wow! with Dana: Feline Aggression and Behavior

Dana Chavez-Rey

Dana Chavez-Rey is offering a different perspective on feline grooming. This one-hour class will review the different forms of aggression. Often we ask “What happened? He just turned on me!” Dana will cover feline aggression and factors contributing to behavior and factors of genetics vs factors of experience.

“Don’t Make Him Look Like a Poodle:” Alternative Poodle Head Styles

Angela Kumpe

We all have those clients that purchase Poodles or Poodle mixes and then don’t want them to look like a Poodle. Join Angela Kumpe as she shows you multiple alternative head styles for these clients. She will cover techniques and products to help you be successful with bathing, drying, and styling these irresistibly cute grooming styles.

All Businesses Need a Plan

Mary Oquendo

The goal of this workshop is to give you the tools to start your business on the best possible foot. Studies have shown that when someone makes a written plan, they are two and a half times more likely to start their business. In this session, Mary will cover the importance of planning beforehand, planning overload, SWOT analysis, elements of a business plan, to-do lists and organization, planners, and resources.

Meow, Wow! with Dana: Feline Grooming Success

Dana Chavez-Rey

In this one-hour class, Dana offers her secrets to being a successful cat groomer and what to have on hand to make grooming less stressful for you and the cat. Do you have the right attitude? Why are you grooming this cat? What will set me apart from the rest?

Oh, Those Super-Short Styles

Mindy Dinwiddie

Living in farm country, Mindy has learned how to make the super-short styles still look cute. As much as we don’t like it, we still have clients that want the #5F all over. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to make those cuts look cute so that your clients keep coming back.

Self-Care as a Lifestyle

Erin Martin

After years of grooming, we sometimes put ourselves last. Join Erin as she explains how to incorporate self-care into your everyday routines and how to look at this as a lifestyle, and not just as a last resort when you are experiencing pain or burnout.

Super Styling the Doodle

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

"Designer Breeds," like doodles, quickly became popular, and every groomer should know how to groom and maintain them. There is some challenge involved by deciding how to best groom them to accommodate and please your customers, while also making it easy to maintain for you and the owner. In this seminar, Jay will show you how to create a cute and stylish pet trim by using thinning shear and scissor techniques that are quick and easy to apply in your shop.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Stephenie Calhoun

Tired of boring old pet trims with one length all over but don't have the clientele for anything too creative? Would you like to elevate the quality of your grooms and stand out from the competition but still keep your pet clients happy and maintained? In this demo, Stephenie will teach you all the little tricks that can change a haircut for the better. It's time to stand out from the crowd (but only just a little)!

Disinfecting Your Salon in the Post COVID-19 World

Dave Campanella

With COVID-19 still looming over our lives and grooming salons, one’s daily hygiene regiment is more critical than ever! Improperly distinguishing between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting can put you and your animals in danger. Learn the differences, bust the myths, and familiarize yourself with the CDC, EPA, and the “N-List.” Understand common and effective disinfectants and methods. Take advantage of natural disinfecting agents too. You will learn clear criteria for selecting and using the appropriate disinfectant based on your needs. COVID-19 has changed the way groomers clean and disinfect moving forward, so embrace it!

Meow, Wow! with Dana: Extracting a Cat

Dana Chavez-Rey

In this one-hour course, Master Groomer Dana Chavez-Rey, global educator for Andis, explains when it's best for first introductions, where to source cats to practice on, reading body language, and beginning a five-point inspection.

De-Matting De-Mystified

Linda Easton

Matted dogs… shave it, trim it, or brush it out? There are special techniques that give you choices in this lucrative niche, such as how to “wash away the tangles” and pain-free brushing. Learn tips to leave some hair on the most matted dogs. You never need to “strip” a dog again! Learn how to use your high-velocity dryer and a brush to remove mats, and what tools help you and which ones make your job more difficult. Customer education is a big part of preventing mats in the future, and Linda will share ideas to educate customers and scripts you can use to encourage regular grooming.

Everything Shears!

Chris Anthony

You’re at a show and need new shears, but there are so many options! Straights, curves, convex edges, and bevel. What’s the difference anyway? Serrated, semi-convex and titanium-coated? Wait, what? Swivels should be held differently from non-swivel shears? Straights, curved, chunkers and thinners, swivels and non-swivels, the options are seemingly endless, how’s a groomer to choose? Never fear, we’ll cover all of this and more, including basic shear anatomy, types of steel used and how to care for your investment once you get it home. So, whether you’re a self-identified shear hoarder, just starting your collection, or want a better understanding of our favorite tool, this class is for you!

Meow, Wow! with Dana: Bath Time!

Dana Chavez-Rey

In this one-hour course, Master Groomer Dana Chavez-Rey, global educator for Andis, will dispel myths about bathing a cat with water. This course will give you a stress-free, step-by-step guide on how to wash and blow dry cats.

Demystifying the Drop Coat

Rachel Colant

Dreading your next drop-coat haircut? Struggling to get a soft, blended finish? Are your Yorkie and Maltese haircuts coming out choppy? In this one-hour seminar, Rachel will demonstrate how you can set yourself up for success every time with simple techniques to help you create a consistently beautiful haircut on all drop coats. She will cover prep work, the best tools to use, and scissoring techniques. Rachel’s methods will help you achieve a gorgeous, blended finish to elevate your drop-coat pet trims and make this difficult coat type a breeze!

The Must-Have Forms

Mary Oquendo

Mary wants you to have the forms to be prepared! The goal of this workshop is to acquaint the groomer with the forms and checklists needed to establish boundaries and professionalism with our clients, as well as alert you to any health problems with the pets in your care.