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Sunday Programs

Adding Flare, Cutting Time

Blake Hernandez

Here's your time to shine! In this one-hour demo, you will learn how Blake can transform even the scruffiest mess into the perfectly fluffed beauty. Snap-on combs and quick tool and anatomy tricks to set you on your way will be demonstrated.

Working to Live or Living to Work

Barb Hoover

Balance; it can be hard to find when it comes to work, family and pets. We are often pulled in so many directions trying to please our clients and take care of our families that we don't take care of ourselves. Do you eat lunch on the run, if even at all? Do you work even when sick or injured? Are you so exhausted after a holiday rush that you can't enjoy the holiday with your family and friends? At the end of the day are you too tired to even groom your own dogs or sit down to dinner with your kids? Barb will share tips on creating a balance with time saving tricks to give you more free time and self-care plans to make you feel and work your best.

Puppy Handling 101

Melissa Jepson

Puppies are often a whole other world when it comes to the easiest way to acclimate them you the grooming process. This class will equip you with the best knowledge and techniques to handle puppies with confidence!

What the Fluff?!

Philip Schafmayer

In this seminar we will talk all about COMBS! They’re not just the supporting actor to your scissors, they’re a co-star! We will go through many different kinds/brands of combs and which work best for different breeds and coat types, how to properly use them, and what your combing technique means to your final product! We will focus on what you might be doing wrong and how to correct it, and the best way to get the ultimate finish on each and every one of your grooms!

Captivating Clipped Westie

Diane Betelak

In this session, Diane will groom a Westie to perfection by giving it a stylish breed trim using clippers. Practical for the pet parent, the clipped Westie is what you mostly encounter in your salon. We will discuss the proper pattern, strip and clip techniques, and tips to groom to breed profile and keep that Westie looking sharp!

Meow, Wow! with Dana: Live Feline Grooming Demonstration

Dana Chavez-Rey

No two feline grooms are the same. Dana will do a live cat grooming demonstration and talk about the differences in trims. This class offers you safe alternatives to working with cats and modified techniques based on feline temperament. Dana will also cover a brief but careful look at sedation for our cats.

Educated Clients Are Better Consumers

Mary Oquendo

The goal of this workshop is to help the service provider deliver education to an already information-bombarded customer so that they will view you as the expert. And as that expert, you will help pet owners make better buying decisions for their beloved pets. This workshop will topic elements of a good presentation, choosing topics, onsite and online options, as well as planning.

Poodle in a German Trim

Annie Williams

Know the look you’re trying to achieve but just can’t execute it yet? Annie will demonstrate a foolproof method on how to quickly and easily set the correct profile on this very trendy poodle haircut, as well as explain how to apply this method in both the contest ring and on your everyday pet haircuts. From basic structure to proper coat preparation, you’ll be feeling like a poodle expert in no time.

Ears, Butts, and Teeth, Oh My!

Dr. Cliff Faver

Come learn the answers to those burning questions of what to do (or not do), and the legalities and liabilities associated with these decisions. To pluck or not pluck ears? Are anal glands my responsibility? Can I add teeth scaling as a new service? What are the most important things I need to know for the health of the pet?

“Short but Not Shaved," and Other Things Owners Say: Making First Timers into Your Biggest Fan

Helen Schaefer

Until we learn telepathy, learning to verbally communicate with the owner at the end of the leash is paramount to creating raving fans and repeat and word-of-mouth business. In this seminar, Helen will go over common things she hears at the salon day after day from new clients, the basic check-in procedure you should follow with every new dog, and the follow-up questions she asks the owner to ensure the first impression is always a positive one. Make that new client into your biggest fan!

Fantastic Clients and Where to Find Them

Corina Stammworthy & Macie Pisa

“You need to make a great first impression to gain and maintain customers.” says Macie Pisa, NCMG. Do you dream of having the perfect clients; the big tippers, who are always on time, that come in every four weeks? How do you get them? We will go through the best ways you can improve how customers view you and your business, and how to get and keep the customers you want!