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Sunday Programs

Mobile Scheduling: Time Is Money!

Judi Cantu-Thacker

Efficient scheduling and routing will boost your income to make your business more profitable. Judi’s plan for scheduling and routing will help you optimize your work schedule. No more working weekends. Be home long before dinner. Plan vacations and schedule holidays off. Find the right clients in the right neighborhoods. More grooming + less driving = more money and fewer hours of work. That's what I'm talking about!

Scissors 101: Understanding Your Shears

Jonathan David

Today's stylists are faced with so many types of shears to choose from with so many options. With terms like bevel edge, semi-convex, convex edge, bent shank, offset, even handle, and the list goes on, the options can be dizzying. In this seminar, Jonathan will discuss the various types of edges available and what they're designed for. Jonathan will also go over the various lengths and handle types available and the purposes for each type. Also included in this seminar is proper cleaning and maintenance recommended to extend the life of your most precious of tools.

Ways To Make More Money In Your Salon

Shannon Moore

There are only so many dogs we can groom in a day! Rather than squeeze more dogs into your day, Shannon will discuss ways to effectively sell add-ons in your salon. Organizational techniques, efficient grooming, and add-ons are some of the topics that will be discussed in order to make more money in your salon.

Shih Tzu Kathy's Way

Kathy Rose

Kathy will demonstrate a fluffy pet trim on the ever-popular Shih-Tzu. She will show you how to create quick, fluffy styles with snap-on combs and create a smooth finish. She will be blending with Fish Tails and demonstrating various scissoring and blending techniques. This seminar is a must to keep your customers happy and coming back!

My Pleasure: How To Give Great Customer Service

Linda Easton & Dr. Jim Warner

Great customer service starts with identifying your ideal client. Choosing the right client profile and inviting them into your salon is the best way to prevent difficult clients. Dealing with difficult clients begins with making wrong customers more “right.” This class introduces the “my Pleasure” system of finding, training, and keeping great clients for your salon.

The Grooming Tutor: The Bichon Frise

Michell Evans

Bichon Frise screams “big hair”! The show trim on this breed is one of the most over-the-top styles you could imagine. Many owners of the pet Bichon are overwhelmed by this amount of coat. This demonstration will show you how to do a practical pet style that still maintains the essence of the breed.

Must Have Cat Grooming Equipment

Mary Oquendo

Thinking about adding cat grooming or interested in learning more about cat specific equipment? There are so many choices available to groomers. It can be quite the maze. Let Mary guide you through and pick the must haves for offering cat grooming in your salon.

Table Techniques: Alternative Techniques For Handling Pets

Cheryl Purcell

Cheryl will show you tools and handling procedures to use with unruly pets. For instance: how to hold a foot to do nails or shave pads, how to hold a head still to get a cute finish, and more! This is not a seminar on how to handle aggressive pets, it is on how to work with young pets, old pets, and the untrained in order to make their life and yours easier.

Poodle Pet Trim

Barbara Prueckel

Poodles are the most elegant, poised and intelligent dogs in the world, and one of Barb’s favorite breeds. Whether you are looking to add some style to your everyday pets, or you are prepping a poodle for a grooming contest, this is a class for you. From top knots to perfectly round tails, this is a poodle journey you don’t want to miss.

Leader Of The Pack

Cheryl Purcell

Learn how to be the pack leader of your salon - and not just with the dogs. You need to be the pack leader of your employees and clients, too. Cheryl will teach you how to be an effective alpha without having to face a challenge at every turn.

Super Styling The Mixed Breed

Jay Scruggs

Jay will teach different thinning and blending techniques to achieve a natural looking finish on the mixed-breed. This demo will focus on adding personality to an average looking dog. Jay will demonstrate how to balance the head in with the rest of the body and how to set the length with clippers to cut out a lot of thinning and scissoring. This will help save you time with the finishing process.