Sunday Programs

Making the Everyday Dog Shine

Nathan Austin & Kathlena Austin

This seminar provides a comprehensive dive into the foundational steps that transform a routine grooming session into a transformative experience. In this class, we will focus on ensuring thorough cleaning and drying of the dog, discussing the best dryer types; essential pre-grooming techniques like complete brushing, along with tools and aids such as brush sprays; techniques to assess every dog that enters your salon, evaluating coat types, temperament, client desires, and then implementing corrective grooming; advanced tips for enhancing a dog's natural attributes, like adjustments for older dogs with thinner coats, corrective grooming for physical quirks, and strategies to alter a dog's perceived size or shape; and client education methods, creating a harmonious partnership with pet owners.

What's Your Plan B?

Mary Oquendo

Is your grooming career coming to an end due to retirement, physical limitations, or schedule conflict? Or maybe you’re just ready for a change? Join Mary as she discusses your options to stay in the professional pet industry without the physical aspect of grooming. She will discuss alternatives such as virtual assistant, opening a grooming school, dog training, pet sitting, dog walking, becoming an educator or coach, and other supportive services in the pet care industry.

How to Improve Behavior Through Enrichment

Samantha Palya

A shift in a pet's emotional and mental state can change their mood and behavior. In this session, we are going to discuss the power of a positive experience and how that will improve the reaction of a scared, aggressive, or unsure pet. The grooming process can be scary or intimidating, which can result in a range of unwanted behaviors. We will discuss what those behaviors are and what activities can be used to counteract them. Even pets that enjoy going to the groomers can get overstimulated, resulting in an injury to the pet or pet pro. By using enrichment, we can reduce that risk. Creating a positive experience with enrichment also aids in building relationships between the pet care provider and the pets in their care, which will lead to more dapper dogs and fabulous felines for future grooms to come.

Step Up Your Prep Work

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

Do you ever wonder why your grooms don’t come out as nice as you would like? Do you have to keep going over your clipper or scissor work? It’s all in the prep work! Perfect prep work leads to a perfect groom. In this seminar, Sue & Jay will discuss preparing different coat types to get them ready for their finish grooming. They will demonstrate from the basics of prepping to the discussion of bath, brush, dry, de-shed, and fluff-out to have the dog best prepared for the finish groom. Tools, equipment, and product tips will all be shared. This seminar is great for all levels of grooming. Whether you are a bather/brusher or a do-it-all groomer, this will definitely help with the quality of your finish grooms as well as with the speed of your bath and drying time.

How to Build and Retain a Strong and Loyal Team

Denise Heroux

Loyal employees are the backbone of any business. It is a process that requires patience and strategy, but it is far from impossible. Denise will go over the steps you can take to help stand out and find the people who best fit your brand and company culture. Most importantly, she will cover how to retain and manage your dream team.

Building Business Routines

Amanda McGrath

Time is money, and no one has less time than someone who owns or manages a grooming salon. By building solid routines in both your business and personal life, you will be able to control your days and weeks instead of being on defense all the time. It's possible to get more done in less time with a solid plan. This class will help stop the overwhelm and teach you how to get ahead in your business!

Handstripping for the Everyday Groomer

Victor Rosado

Explore the world of handstripping and learn how to apply it to your everyday grooming! This ancient technique gains popularity today as the groomers explore the benefits of this scientific grooming method. Learn the basics and more advanced methods that will give you more options to offer to your clients. This is a one-hour seminar with a live demo offered by the Handstripping Travel Team member of the World Champion Gold-winning Team in Belgium 2017, Victor Rosado.

Kill Em with Cuteness!

Blake Hernandez

For the third time today, a matted dog hits your table. The client is picky and brand new, but that doesn't matter because you're a professional who is there to help the animals. In this seminar, Blake is going to help you find the main vein to getting clients to understand their shortcomings, give a spectacular trim with all the cuteness, and teach you how to set clients up for success.

Managing Social Media with the Attention Span of a Squirrel

Meg Ioffredo

Do you forget to post regularly to your business social media accounts? Do you get distracted easily and get stuck scrolling your feed for hours? Do you guilt yourself for not having the time (or energy) to create a social media plan? If any of these (or all three) apply to you, come join Meg Ioffredo with Elevation Media Management as they discuss the difficulties of managing social media while being neurodivergent. Meg struggles with ADD and anxiety and has the most trouble with memory and motivation. From experience comes knowledge, and now you can benefit! Meg will teach you how to create a system of managing your social media accounts that works, without taking up too much time or causing a lot of stress and frustration.

Scripts to Grow Your Business and Reduce Your Stress

Jim Warner & Linda Easton

Bring a notepad to write down scripts that will make your business flow easier. Scripts can reduce no-shows and late customers, help you get all your customers on a regular schedule, increase your prices, and increase your tips! Learn how to give the script for best results. Have a question you need a script for? Bring it with you! Dr. Jim will give custom scripts to selected questions in the last ten minutes of class.