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Friday Programs

Mobile Grooming Certificate Course: Soup to Nuts

Mary Oquendo

So you want to go mobile, but not quite sure where to start? This four-hour workshop will get you started on your journey to becoming that successful mobile groomer. Mary will begin with getting your business started: choosing a type of vehicle, setting up a compliant business with a structure that works for you, and developing your plan for success. She will then move on to clients: setting those boundaries, being safe, routing and scheduling, pricing, and adding in extra services and retail. Next she will cover maintenance, sanitation, and safety. Then it will finish off with creating the documentation, such as business plans, SOP Manuals, and all the important marketing that creates your path to success.

AKC Advanced S.A.F.E. Program

Corina Stammworthy

The American Kennel Club recognizes that grooming is important to the overall health, comfort and well-being of pets. Setting the standard in grooming safety to ensure these needs are met for all pets in salon, The AKC is proud to offer the Safety in Salons Certification Program to groomers and salons.

As reputable and quality pet care professionals, groomers should consider the safety and welfare of the pets entrusted to their care. The Safety in Salon course will review best practices focusing on pet care, health, and safety. Topics covered include accident avoidance, disease awareness, and sanitation.

This course builds off the AKC Safety in the Salon curriculum and it is required as a prerequisite before taking this class. This follow up course will cover more advanced topics in sanitation, emergency preparation, and salon best practices.

Bichon in a Nontraditional Style

Olga Zabelinskaya

Bichons are one of the most stunning breeds, and Olga has made her mark all over the world with her award-winning Bichon grooms. Olga is also known for all her "Modern Styles" grooming seminars and magazines. In this seminar she takes one of her favorite breeds and grooms them to be cute and cuddly by accentuating their beautiful features. Olga will share her knowledge of balancing breed profiles while giving them their own unique personality through their trim.

Terrific Terriers…Sue’s Way!

Sue Zecco

“You can achieve a natural look on a terrier without hand-stripping that every discriminating pet owner will love,” says Sue. In this seminar, Sue will demo her winning techniques on achieving the correct lines on terriers using clippers that will offer a natural look on a pet trim. Sue will also discuss the difference in terrier heads.

Elevating the Everyday Groom

Rachel Colant

Wondering how to elevate your basic haircuts into adorable, Instagramable grooms? Wanna get your clients on board with trying new styles that excite and inspire you? In this seminar, Rachel will share her tips and simple tweaks that you can apply on any coat type to add flair and set your everyday grooms apart without slowing down your workflow. She will discuss how to communicate with clients in a way that inspires trust and confidence and gives you the freedom to do more of the grooms that you love, and demonstrate the techniques to get you there.

Mixed Salon Styles

Cat Opson

In this one-hour demo, Cat will show you how to add some fusion flair to your average salon client. She will go over a few ways to introduce your clients to new styles, prep work, products to help you achieve better results, and time-saving techniques with snap-on combs.

What's Your Worth, and Is It Worth It for Them?

Jameson Kon

If a potential client is a job you're about to apply for, what can you write on your resume that will make you stand out for them to hire you, in this case, as their personal groomer? Are you charging enough for what you're doing? What If you're having challenges in raising your rates and don't know how to proceed? This class will discuss how you can impress your clients with your own resume, including how you can raise the rates for your more tenured clients or how to attract new clients with your newly acquired skillsets. This is your time to showcase your worth to your clients!

Train More Groomers

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

The pandemic has certainly accentuated what was already a groomer shortage in our nation. We need to train more groomers! But how do we best train the next generation of groomers? How is learning to groom different from how we learned while we were in school? What steps should be taken in the training process to teach someone to groom? Jennifer will explain new teaching techniques and how to set the next generation of groomers (your employees) up for success!

Pricing to Win

Dr. Jim Warner

Are you struggling with pricing for grooming in your salon and asking others what to charge? Learn the magical perception, price, and profit equation to set your business on the right path to success.

Your Business Runs on Shampoo and Conditioner

Dave Campanella

Let’s be frank…your business runs on shampoo, and “tub time” is the most critical phase of the grooming process. There are so many brands, products and smells…Where does one begin? The liquid products chosen will definitely make or break one's success. Learn what key ingredients to look for, understand pH, and bust the myths behind dilution rates, conditioners, whiteners, deodorizers, facial washes, and more. Most importantly, you’ll learn the science-based facts and references for getting the best results with less inventory, less effort, and less expense!

Friday Evening

Drop Coats with Jonathan

Jonathan David

Drop coats can be a challenging groom to tackle. Join Jonathan in this session dedicated to mastering drop-coat breeds as well as mixed breeds with similar hair. Jonathan will cover the use of thinning shears for layering and using snap-on combs to achieve a cute and manageable look that even the most discerning client will love! Jonathan will also share his technique for achieving a beautifully layered round head and face.

Let’s Get Wild: Rainbow Mohawk

Milena Kon

Ever wonder how to do rainbow colors? How about doing a Mohawk? Well, it’s time to get wild in this two-hour seminar where Milena will show you how to apply seven different hair dye colors and prevent them from mixing…on a MOHAWK!!! Whether the dog has long or short hair, a rainbow design will always make anyone’s day brighter! Add a little pizzazz with curls or a touch of glitter. This class is certainly going to amaze you!

Continued Mobile Grooming Certificate Course: Soup to Nuts

Mary Oquendo