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Friday Programs

Science Of Skin

Dr. Cliff Faver & Suzanne Marchetti

The Science of Skin is a four-part lecture series that builds on concepts. It is very important to attend all four lectures to get the most out of this series so that you can have a complete understanding of the “why” in what you do, or should be doing, in your care of the hair and skin of our pets. This is taught by a veterinarian and a groomer from a scientific perspective but will be taught at a level even the beginner will benefit from.

Hour 1) Short Coat

Pet coats can be defined into 3 types; short, medium and long. During this lecture Dr. Faver and Suzanne will discuss the short coat and its anatomy, specific skin and hair needs, skin problems specific to the short-coated pets and the best ingredients to use to get optimal health and beauty.

Hour 2) Medium Coat

Pet coats can be defined into 3 types; short, medium and long. During this lecture Dr. Faver and Suzanne will discuss the medium coat and its anatomy, specific skin and hair needs, skin problems specific to the medium coated pets, history and evolution of the medium “primitive” coat and the best ingredients to use to get optimal health and beauty.

Hour 3) Long Coat

Pet coats can be defined into 3 types; short, medium and long. During this lecture Dr. Faver and Suzanne will discuss the long coat anatomy, the specific needs of the long-coated pet, skin problems specific to long coat pets, handling matting and tangling issues and the best ingredients to use to get optimal health and beauty.

Hour 4) Therapies

Do you see pets with allergies, bacterial infections, excessive itching, dry, flakey skin, fungal/yeast infections and parasites but don’t know what to do? During this lecture learn how to successfully work on pets with these skin and hair problems. This comprehensive lecture is complete with case studies, full color before and after pictures and solutions to the pet skin problems groomers see every day. This lecture will help you apply all the principles you have learned in the earlier lectures.

Scissors Not Included: Save Time, Save Your Hands

Cheryl Purcell

In this seminar you will learn how to groom with minimal use of scissors. Your trims will be more consistent and the of highest quality, each and every time. This all-day seminar will focus on working with poodle type coats, drop coats, double coats, and hard coats. Learn the best attachment comb to use on which trims and how to get a scissor look without all the work.
What blade length is best to use under that attachment comb? What is tracking and how do you prevent it? Is it really cheating if you use an attachment comb? Or is it just smart grooming? Come decide for yourself!

Using All Your Tools Series

Snap On Tricks

Barbara Prueckel

Barb will demonstrate how to use your snap on combs to save time and energy on your clients daily. Styling dogs to show off their greatest assets has never been easier than it is now with the combs available to groomers.
 She will show you how to easily create a stylized appearance without the effort of hand scissoring in the angles. Let’s make our lives a whole lot easier, and our clients much happier!

Handstripping 101

Michell Evans

As a member of GroomTeam USA, Michell won the Gold medal for her hand strip on an Australian terrier in Spain in 2014. In this demonstration Michell will show you how to apply very basic stripping and carding techniques to every day clients. She will also identify whether or not a dog is a good candidate for these methods. Michell will discuss the differences between stripping and carding, and advise you on which tools to apply to which coat types. Hand stripping takes years to master but you have to start somewhere!

Scissor Over Comb Technique: The Jonathan David Way!

Jonathan David

This session will be a demonstration of technical skills using shears. Jonathan will demonstrate his well-known thinning shear "Scissor Over Comb Technique". He will also demonstrate straight and curved shears for scissoring curly coats and how to add contouring to your grooming for added style and flair.

Successful Scissoring Techniques

Jay Scruggs

Are you having a difficult time trying to get a smooth finish on your dogs without spending a lot of extra time? Jay will demonstrate proper body positioning to get the best control of your shears. Choosing a shear that best fits your hand is key to balancing a shear for smooth scissor work. Jay will show you simple tips and tricks to help improve the quality of the finish on all breeds, and will demonstrate how to eliminate that bounce in your shear. Blade type, handle, sizes, and quality of steel will be discussed. Whether you are a beginner or expert, this seminar will benefit you.

Business With The Big Dogs

Surviving (And Thriving) In The Midst Of Super Stores

Teri DiMarino

Are the “superstores” making you depressed? Do you feel like the water in your tub…running in circles and going nowhere but down? Do you like your independence and want to stay out of the corporate race, but feel like you’re being swallowed up by the “big guys”? Like so many professionals today groomers are recognizing the need to specialize. Specialization targets a market and allows you to pour your time and talents into one area which tends to help you become the best in that specific field. Be it specialized boutique retail or your knack for working with difficult pets, Teri will help you to make lemonade out of life’s lemons!

Policies And Procedures

Judi Cantu-Thacker

How do you handle last minute cancellations? Pet injuries? Phone calls? Do you make it up as you go and hope for the best? Having a set of policies and procedures in place will step up your professionalism in your business. We know what our clients expect from us, do they know what you expect/ need from them to make their experience the best that it can be? Communication is the key to every happy relationship. Join Judi in this informative seminar where you will learn how to keep the lines of communication open!

The Grooming Business - Not Just A Good Haircut!

Joey Villani

This is a great opportunity to listen to Joey Villani, a seasoned veteran of all sides of the Grooming Business on the topic of running a more
efficient operation. Lots of information covered in condensed form – take lots of notes on this one! Time well spent in this class!

Live Love Wag

Barbara Prueckel

Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to better your speed in grooming? Do you want to fulfill your overall happiness in your profession?
 Barbara Prueckel wants to assist you! Learn how to fall in love with grooming all over again, and get wealthy all at the same time. In this fun and informative seminar, she will explain how she became one of the most successful, enlightened and happiest groomers in our industry. Covering everything from pricing, using your time effectively, and dealing with difficult clients.

Friday Evening

All About Bathing Systems And HV Dryers

Dave Campanella

Having trouble determining which shampoo bather system and methods will work best for you and your business? In the first hour of this two-part seminar, you’ll learn the science and workflow process behind each of today’s most popular systems. Discover how to get the most from each system along with many proven tips that will save you time, money and aggravation. In the second hour, you’ll discover what really matters for enhanced dryer performance. This seminar provides a complete understanding of the “Drying Process” backed by science and proven secrets of the trade, as well as what to look for in a new dryer and simple maintenance tips. This two part seminar is a fresh perspective and “must see” for any salon owner, mobile business or start-up!

Dye Work For Clients

Angela Kumpe

This two-hour class is all about dye work in the salon; time management, containing the mess, pricing, and procedure. Have you wanted to add color as a service in your salon, or tried coloring and thought it was too messy, too time consuming, or thought that customers just wouldn’t pay extra for it? Angela will show you how to add coloring to your services without a mess or spending all day on a simple dye job. She will tell you what you need to get started and where to get it, how to market color to clients, price your coloring services, and manage time for color jobs. During the class she will explore a large variety of coloring products and show you many useful tips for everyday coloring. Angela will prove her theories and techniques to you by demonstrating multiple dye jobs on multiple dogs in the classroom including application and rinsing techniques.

Super Styling The Doodle

Jay Scruggs

"Designer Breeds" like doodles quickly became popular and every groomer should know how to groom and maintain them. There is some challenge involved by deciding how to best groom them to accommodate and please your customers, while also making it easy to maintain for you and the owner. In this seminar, Jay will show you how to create a cute and stylish pet trim by using thinning shear and scissor techniques that are quick and easy to apply in your shop.